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Corporate Packages

Corporate Packages are made with corporate advertising and celebrations in mind or a combination of both. You can use these packages for public events and for drawing in crowds or as part of an employee picnic or celebration (or both).

2 events


This package is perfect for the corporation that has only a few big events a year that they want to make outstanding and visually stunning. Common holidays are: Memorial Day and Labor Day or 4th of July and Halloween or Christmas.

2  Custom Decor Builds ($1200)

4 hours balloon twisting


Set Up and Tear Down ($200)

3 events


This package includes 3 big event redesigns and is good for companies that don't change out their theming seasonally or have fewer big public events. This might cover major holidays such as Memorial and Labor Day and Christmas. 

Custom Decor ($1800)

6 hours of balloon twisting

(can be used in 2 hour increments)

Balloon Set Up and Tear Down ($300)

4 events


This package is meant to help you change out your balloon decor on a regular basis and create a new look 4 times a year. These packages are great for photography and creating a festive atmosphere.  4 common events are Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day or Halloween, and Christmas 

Custom Balloon Decor ($2400)

8 hours of balloon twisting 

($800 can be spread out over multiple 2 hour events)

Balloon Set Up and Tear Down


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