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We are experienced party professionals and are excited to help make your event stand out.

Put your order in today. There is currently a backlog in balloon supplies due to the pandemic. Some themes and colors may not be available or may be in limited supplies.

Some themes we have in stock:

Paw Patrol



I love You


Baby Girl or Baby Boy

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Event Date

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Tell us about your theme/color scheme

Do you need delivery and set up? ($50)*

Do you need tear down services?

Are you interested in a balloon garland? *

If Yes how long do you want your garland?

Do you need a frame rental?

Are you interested in balloon columns?

Are you interested in a balloon bouquet? (Helium inflated latex balloons, high float included in price)

Do you want a party pole or small column?

Do you want a marquee custom build? (This is a balloon base and a layered up build, generally this is very customized)

Do you have a custom project that you'd like quoted? Tell us about it.

Are you interested in balloon twisting (entertainment, balloon animals)

Face Painting is available outside of York and Lancaster counties only. If within those areas please go to Atomic Bounce for service.

Get in touch!


413 Friendship Ave

Hellam, PA 17406





We are teachers so not always available to answer the phone. We do leave Friday evenings and Saturdays open for events. 

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